New Firmware Release

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Firmware Version 1.5 – Released December 2021
This major upgrade lets you control Wiral LITE with the Wiral LITE app,
and introduces a brand new App feature - Speed Curves.

Download the Wiral Updater App

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Get the Wiral LITE App

Wanna control your Wiral LITE with the Wiral LITE app?
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How to Update Firmware

Follow the video tutorial or the steps below to learn how to update.

01 Select Device

Both the Remote and the Main Unit can be upgraded through the Wiral Updater app, but it has to be done separately. Choose which one to start with at the top of the screen. Both units should be upgraded for the firmware to work perfectly.

02 Access Firmware Update Mode

To connect to your device, you will need to put it into Firmware Update Mode.


Turn on your Wiral LITE Main Unit. When the unit is on, press and hold the On/Off button for about 5 seconds until it turns orange (keep holding the button even if the unit appears to shut down).

The Main Unit will now boot in Firmware Update Mode.

Turn on your Wiral LITE Remote while pressing the right (yellow) end stop button.

The remote will now boot in Firmware Update Mode.

03 Select Firmware Version

When loading the app, a default firmware will already be selected. If you want to install a different firmware, press the Change Firmware Version button. You are now able to select different versions from the list.

04 Upload

When the unit is connected and firmware version selected, click the Upload Firmware button to install the new firmware.

05 Unpair Units

If the main unit and the remote control were paired together before the update, the pairing will be broken after the updating procedure. This means the units need to be unpaired before they can work together again. Follow these simple steps to unpair the units:

To unpair the remote control:

  1. Hold down both end stop buttons and the play/pause button at the same time, while turning on the remote control.

To unpair the main unit:

  1. Turn on the unit. Then press and hold the power button for 5 seconds, until button light is
    continuously yellow (keep holding the button even if it appears to shut down)
  2. Remove battery to confirm unpairing.