Filmmaking Tips

How To Create Standout Shots With A Cable Camera

Here's what you need to do to create shots that truly stand out from the rest and tell a great story, and why Wiral LITE gives you more options than...

Filmmaking Tips

4 Things To Do First When Your Wiral LITE Arrives

This week we'll talk about how you can make sure you're set for a great content-making journey with Wiral LITE right from the moment you first start using it.

Filmmaking Tips

Is Cable Camera The Ultimate Tool for Filmmakers on a Budget?

Using a cable camera for your video project lets you create a variety of film shots like pro filmmakers, even if you are on a limited budget, with minimal gear.

Filmmaking Tips

What's The Best Alternative to Filming with a Drone?

With drone laws becoming more restrictive, a cable camera may become your go-to way of creating stunning, drone-like shots without a drone.


Discover the Safety Features of Wiral LITE

How safe is Wiral LITE? Pretty darn safe. Check out this post to find out all about the safety features we've designed to provide you with an enjoyable experience filming with Wiral LITE.


Get More Our of Your 360 Shots: How to Reframe 360 Footage

360 cameras give you a lot of freedom in content creation. Reframing 360 footage in post gives you the freedom of directing the shot long after filming.


Learn How To Stabilize Your Footage in No Time

Editing is just as important as getting the right shot on location. Discover how to overcome the imperfections of your raw footage by learning how to stabilize shots in post-production.


How To Update Firmware on Your Wiral LITE (And Why You Should)

Update your Wiral LITE unit to the latest firmware to get access to brand new features and add improvements to your cable camera unit.


Here’s All You Need to Know To Start Creating Content With Wiral LITE

Ready for a game-changing content making experience? Here's an overview of all you need to know to create great shots with your cable camera.


How To Enable Automatic Camera Movement on Wiral LITE?

If you're looking for an easy way to capture smooth slider shots and unlock automatic camera movement with a single piece of filming gear, you'll love the Ping Pong Motion...


This Videographer Is Having a Blast With Wiral LITE

Discover videographer Peter Lindgren's first-hand experience with Wiral LITE and why he thinks that with Wiral LITE, you can "get shots that are otherwise not possible for the average filmmaker."


Here Come The #HomeWithWiralLITE Challenge Winners

Discover the lessons on creativity and resourcefulness we can all learn from the four winning videos - and find out who won the title of the Ultimate #HomeWithWiralLITE Challenge Winner!


Join the #HomeWithWiralLITE Challenge

Unleash your creativity - join the #HomeWithWiralLITE challenge! Create a video with Wiral LITE at home and win great rewards.