4 Things To Do First When Your Wiral LITE Arrives

4 Things To Do First When Your Wiral LITE Arrives

This week we'll talk about how you can make sure you're set for a great content-making journey with Wiral LITE right from the moment you first start using it.

I'm sure you want your experience with Wiral LITE to be as smooth as possible right from the moment it arrives. That's why this week we'll talk about how you can make sure you're set for a great content-making journey with Wiral LITE when you first start using it.

Let's begin.

1. Read the user manual

I put this one first, not because it's more important than others, but because it's the one that most often gets skipped. You want to know you're using your Wiral LITE properly and are familiar with all its features. This is when the manual comes in handy; it is the baseline from which to start your experience with Wiral LITE.

One good thing about reading the manual right away is that you will learn what you need to know and probably won't need to go back to it later on. You'll be fully equipped with the basics, so the playing field will be familiar, leaving you space to focus on what matters - making videos and expressing your creativity.

A physical copy of the manual comes with each Wiral LITE kit, but you can also download the digital copy of the user manual here in case you lost or misplaced yours (or threw it away).

2. Charge the battery

The Wiral LITE high capacity battery is specifically designed to be used with Wiral LITE. Bith the battery and the charger are part of the Wiral LITE kit. All you need to do is connect the battery to the charger, and plug the charger into a power outlet.

When the battery is fully charged, the LED indicator on the charger changes from red to green, and you're ready to start filming.

Learn more about the battery on our Help Center here.

Need extra Wiral LITE batteries? You may order more with one of our authorized dealers.

3. Update firmware on your unit and remote

Firmware updates allow you to get new features and upgrades that make your Wiral LITE unit more powerful. We've released several upgrades so far (and will continue to do so in the future) so it's always a great idea to learn how to update your Wiral LITE unit and remote

One of the bigger features released through firmware updates is the Ping Pong Motion setting in Normal mode, which enables you to set your Wiral LITE to move back and forth automatically along the Quickreel line as you film. 

Ping Pong Motion comes in handy when you're filming solo, or with multiple cameras, as it doesn't require that you control Wiral LITE or your camera while it's engaged. 

4. Get to know the different filming modes

Wiral LITE is equipped with 3 different speed modes and one special motion, to fit your different filming needs.

Normal Mode

Normal Mode is your friend if you're looking to create sweeping, smooth tracking/dolly shots from all angles, follow people and objects in motion, or make any setting come to life as the camera reveals more of it while moving on Wiral LITE.

Timelapse Mode

Timelapse Mode lets you add movement to your time-lapse shots to make them more engaging. A timelapse specific video tutorial and blog post is coming up soon, so make sure you follow the blog and our pages in order not to miss out on it.

Sport Mode

Sport Mode was designed for creators who like to follow the action. And now just any action, fast-paced action such as skiing, cycling, running, swimming, freerunning and parkour, and more. The best part is, while this is not the case with drones, you're safe to get super close to your subject in Sport Mode on Wiral LITE.

Ping Pong Motion in Normal mode

As I mentioned earlier in the post, the Ping Pong Motion setting lets your Wiral LITE move back and forth between two ends of the line automatically. When the motion is engaged you no longer need to control the unit with the remote. 

Bonus Tip: Keep the inspiration flowing

Want to keep your creative juices flowing? Curious to see what other creative people are making with Wiral LITE?

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Consider joining Wiral Community. It's the first community-created and run Wiral community group.

Happy filming! 


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