Discover the Safety Features of Wiral LITE

Discover the Safety Features of Wiral LITE

How safe is Wiral LITE? Pretty darn safe. Check out this post to find out all about the safety features we've designed to provide you with an enjoyable experience filming with Wiral LITE.

There's no denying filming gear is quite valuable. So we know that the safety of your cameras and equipment is super important to you both when on the move and while filming. To keep your Wiral LITE kit safe when you're not using it, or while traveling, you can rely on the trusty Premium Travel Case to do the job.

But what about safety during filming? 

Since Wiral LITE moves on a predictable line and you know where it will be at any given moment, with it - you can get closer to the action than with a drone or other camera gear. The cable camera kit lets your camera film in indoor spaces, capture high-speed action, closely follow your subject, and navigate through super narrow spaces, such as between trees in the woods or through windows. 

Those are just some locations in which you want to ensure the safety of your gear and talent (actors). And just which safety features have we implemented to provide you with a better experience creating? Keep reading to find out.

Enjoy worry-free filming with physical end stops

Your Wiral LITE kit comes with two physical end stop clips. After setting up the line between two anchoring points, and tightening it, you're ready to attach the end stop clips to each end of the line. Make sure to leave enough distance between the end of the line and the physical end stop. You can find the recommended distances in the table here.

Setting up physical end stops helps avoid Wiral LITE crashing into the attachment point if you get too immersed in the filming and forget to slow the unit down as you maneuver it towards the ends of the line. Depending on the speed at which you control the unit, the end stop will either derail or stop the unit before it reaches the attachment point. 

Play it extra safe with digital end stops

Physical end stops are awesome - but setting up digital end stops comes highly recommended as well. It's super easy to set digital end stops with your Wiral LITE remote. To set the digital end stops, set up the line, turn on Wiral LITE, and place it on the line. 

Set digital end stops by moving the main unit to the point you want it to automatically stop and press the end stop button. The yellow end stop button will set a digital end stop on the arm of Wiral LITE with the yellow stripe. Move the unit to the other point you want it to automatically stop and press the opposite end stop button on the remote. 

The main unit will now only move in between these points. To learn more about digital end stops, check out the article on our Help Center here.

Collision detection protects your cable cam

If your Wiral LITE runs into an obstacle that impedes its movement, the unit will sense the collision and all movement will stop for 5 seconds, before it is allowed to continue. 

We've introduced the collision detection feature to avoid the motor running while the unit is not moving, which may result in damage to the motos and the rope.


And there you have it! A closer look at the safety features of Wiral LITE that provide you with enjoyable filming experience each time. If you have any questions, let us know down in the comments, we'd love to hear from you.


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