This Videographer Is Having a Blast With Wiral LITE

This Videographer Is Having a Blast With Wiral LITE

Discover videographer Peter Lindgren's first-hand experience with Wiral LITE and why he thinks that with Wiral LITE, you can "get shots that are otherwise not possible for the average filmmaker."

Today we bring you a story of Peter Lindgren, a videographer from Sweden and his first-hand experience with Wiral LITE. Recently, Peter got to play with Wiral LITE and start discovering ways he can use it for his filming needs.

Petar was so excited to test out Wiral LITE that, as soon as it arrived he got right to filming - in Sport mode no less. This led to Peter's first conclusion.

First, Read the User Manual

"User Manual? Isn't the unspoken rule of user manuals that the first thing you do is chuck it in the bin." - quote by an actual Wiral LITE user

Luckily, we've got a solution for that too. If you've just gotten your Wiral LITE and lost or threw away the user manual, you can download it here in digital form.

Sometimes, we learn things from experience, and sometimes someone else's experience teaches us important lessons. Peter shares his first impressions, tutorials, and valuable videomaking lessons with his community of over 250k YouTube subscribers. 

The first lesson Peter quickly learned and was that the user manual is there for a reason, and decided to study it quickly, and set up physical and digital end stops on the Quickreel line for future filming. But hey, that's what's great about new filming adventures - you always learn something new.

Check out how Peter's first run with Wiral LITE went in the video below.

Second, Enjoy The Ride

After the first video and some more testing, Peter discovered all the cool features of Wiral LITE he wasn't aware of. With this new knowledge in tow, he had to do a follow-up video and create some cool indoor shots in his studio.

Check out the video to see what Peter made, and what his impressions of Wiral LITE were after his second run.

Peter's plan is to continue to use Wiral LITE and feature shots made with it in a short film he's working on.

Peter's final verdict? He thinks that Wiral LITE is "extremely fun, but also a very innovative product on the market. It brings you possibilities to get shots that are otherwise not possible for the average person or filmmaker." We concur.

Filming with Wiral LITE for your business? 

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