Here Come The #HomeWithWiralLITE Challenge Winners

Here Come The #HomeWithWiralLITE Challenge Winners

Discover the lessons on creativity and resourcefulness we can all learn from the four winning videos - and find out who won the title of the Ultimate #HomeWithWiralLITE Challenge Winner!

Hello there,

When we started the #HomeWithWiralLITE Challenge on our Instagram page in April, it was with the intention to inspire you to create in spite of the difficult situation the entire world has been dealing with over the last months. 

The lockdown state in many countries has had a profound effect on creators' businesses, and overall state of mind - and forced us all to seek new solutions and ways to reinvent daily routines. It transformed homes into office spaces for millions. This challenge was our way to combat the situation we've all found ourselves in and give back to you as creators and members of our little Wiral community. 

We've thoroughly enjoyed all your submissions, and we're overjoyed to see you've accepted our challenge to sharpen your skills, practice resourcefulness, and above all - find ways to be creative with Wiral LITE at home, under these unique conditions.

Keep reading to discover the lessons we can all learn from the four weekly winning videos - and find out which one earned our title of the Ultimate #HomeWithWiralLITE Challenge Winner!

Free to be creative no matter where you are

For the winner of week one, Isaac (dahawaiian_scooterguy), creative juices keep flowing no matter where he finds himself. He can usually be found creating stunning shots around Hawaii, but over the last weeks being in quarantine challenged him to create more inside.

In his submission, Isaac lets us take a peek at his living/working base through a motion time-lapse on Wiral LITE and GoPro camera.

Explore the world from your backyard

After over two decades working in TV production Rich Hookings (eatsleep360) has seen and done it all. But it's in these challenging times that he's rediscovered the beauty of simple fun at home. He captures the joy of trampoline jumping in a unique video made with Wiral LITE and Insta360 ONE R. Check it out, and let it take you back to childhood.

Set your own rules in your creative space

Week three brings us a super calming (and extra smooth) video by Peter Karlbom (@skogsmullen). Peter shows us his special place, his cozy home outside of Göteborg, where he tries to stay year-round. This unique woodland home has all the necessities for a productive workday, and a relaxing time off for Peter, providing him with a balanced work-life dynamic that works for him. We hope the video will inspire you to reconfigure your own surroundings and build a creative space that represents you.

Make the ordinary - extraordinary

Last but most definitely not least - here's a video that made us smile, and caused quite a bit of attention on our Instagram page. The week four winning video is made by Julia and Max (@loopdingvienna) who take us on a fun journey into just how many activities one family can take part in at home, and capture them with Wiral LITE.

Julia and Max captured home and family life perfectly in this motion time-lapse, and we're happy to announce that his video won them the title of Ultimate #HomeWithWiralLITE Challenge Winner!

Congratulations to all the winners!

Dear reader, we hope to see your submission in a future competition. If you're creating content with Wiral LITE remember to give us a mention if you post it on social media and use hashtag #WorldOfWiral to make sure we see what you make.

Want to share your videos with us and get it published on our pages with credit and shoutout to your social pages? By all means, send us your content here, we'd love to see it. 



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