How To Enable Automatic Camera Movement on Wiral LITE?

How To Enable Automatic Camera Movement on Wiral LITE?

If you're looking for an easy way to capture smooth slider shots and unlock automatic camera movement with a single piece of filming gear, you'll love the Ping Pong Motion feature of Wiral LITE.

We recently discussed why cable cameras are a super versatile tool to capture a number of different film shots with minimal gear. They are safer and easier to use than drones, and provide more options when you need a specific type of film shot a drone can’t make — especially when filming with people.

How does automatic camera movement help your filming needs?

What if you had to film an exact same shot more than once? Could using a cable camera provide an advantage? You could put your camera on a tripod and make the shot static. But what if that doesn’t work for the kind of shot you’re making? 

If you, for example, want to film people in action: running, or biking, jumping, moving through space, proper camera movement is essential and can help you tell your story better.

What if you wanted to film with two cameras at the same time, from different angles? Sure, you could ask your buddy to help you out, and the two of you could operate the two cameras. But what to do if you’re filming alone, like so many of us do when we get the idea to create something out of the blue? 

This is where Wiral LITE comes to the rescue. 

Keep reading and I’ll show you how.

How to get automatic camera movement without a slider?

When it comes to achieving automatic camera movement in tracking shots, you've got a few options. Certain camera sliders, for example, do provide the option of an automatic movement.

The downside of using a slider?

They don't cover long distances. With Wiral LITE, you can cover the distance of 50m and 100m, or 164ft and 328t respectively (depending on which Quickreel line you're using). This gives you a lot more space to frame your shot, not to mention it allows your camera to follow the action for much longer distances.

Enter Ping Pong Motion on Wiral LITE

As I mentioned before, since the Ping Pong Motion setting lets your Wiral LITE move back and forth between two ends of the line automatically, once the motion is engaged you no longer need to control the unit with the remote.

This means that you can set up the shot, then film yourself or others and your camera will capture it all while moving on Wiral LITE. This suits a host of activities and filming needs. 

Another benefit of Ping Pong Motion is that, since you no longer need to control Wiral LITE and your camera, you can grab another camera and film the same scene from a different angle. This saves you time, all the while helping you bring in more dimension to your scene since you're able to capture is from multiple perspectives at once. The best part is, you can still film this all by yourself since you don't need a second cameraman.

Check out the video to find out how to use the Ping Pong Motion feature on Wiral LITE.

Here's how to enable Ping Pong Motion on Wiral LITE

While in Normal Mode, set End Stops on both ends with the remote.

Then turn the Speed Wheel on the remote until you reach the desired speed. 

Keep holding the Speed Wheel in the desired position while pressing the Play/Pause button.

That's it - you're ready to film!

Remember to update the firmware on your unit and remote to the latest version in order to make sure Ping Pong Motion. To learn how, click here.

Key Takeaways

The Ping Pong Motion setting on Wiral LITE, you can:

  • film great shots all by yourself
  • get automatic, smooth slider shots without a slider
  • be both the director and the star of your own videos
  • optimize your time and resources: your camera on Wiral LITE captures the scene automatically, leaving you free to film with another camera, from a different angle



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