How To Create Standout Shots With A Cable Camera

How To Create Standout Shots With A Cable Camera

Here's what you need to do to create shots that truly stand out from the rest and tell a great story, and why Wiral LITE gives you more options than other camera gear to do so.

When shooting a creative video project, there are two main things to consider: the story you want to tell, and the gear you’ll use to tell that story the best way you can. The two are equally important. You need to know what message you’re trying to convey with your video in order to connect with your audience. Equally important is knowing what filming gear lends itself best to the kind of video you’re making and the kind of shots that will help your story stand out.

We’ve talked a lot about how Wiral LITE works and what kind of shots you can get with it, and today we continue in a similar vein. However, this time we’ll focus on what you need to do to create shots that truly stand out from the rest and tell a great story -  and why Wiral LITE gives you more options than other popular camera gear to do so.

How to create shots that wow the viewer? 

When great shots become overused, aren’t infused with a story, or used logically in a video, the magic of their effect diminishes. When a shot is used primarily because it’s trending at a given moment and is a popular type of shot that wows viewers it takes away from what you’re trying to say with your video. The shot becomes more important than your story.

When it comes to making next-level camera shots with minimal gear, quite a few tools have gained popularity in recent years. Gimbals, sliders, and drones all let you do something you were. But have you noticed how recognizable many of the shots made with these tools have become? They’re everywhere. If you go through the most recent videos of your favorite YouTubers, I’d reckon you’d notice a clear trend in visual presentation, with possibly identical-looking shots abound.

So how do you create a shot that blows away your audience and makes them wonder how you made it?

Keep reading the article to find out, and check out the video below for some visual inspiration.

Get close and follow the action

For static shots, closeups do a great job of showcasing human emotion. But what about moving shots? When capturing high-speed action things become more complicated. A slider won’t do. You can’t fly a drone over or next to your mountain biker buddy’s head. And a gimbal, well, I hope you’re ready to run faster than your biker friend.  

This is where Wiral LITE comes in. By using Wiral LITE to capture action shots you get to move your camera as fast or as slowly as you want, or vary the speed of its movement. Since the camera moves on a predicted line, both you and the talent in front of the camera will always know where the camera is. So you’ll feel confident the possibility of a crash is minimized. Unlike drones, Wiral LITE does not make a lot of noise, making for an enjoyable and more focused filming experience, and the opportunity to nail the shot perfectly.

Streamline the filming process with shot repeatability

Planning and testing before filming a scene is essential in order to make sure you can actually achieve what you set out to do. Wiral LITE plays well into the planning process. You can map out the scene and know the exact trajectory of the camera will pass each time.

Still, no matter how well prepared you are, you should always expect that the first shot you take will most likely not end up being the one you’ll use. Therefore it comes in handy that you can repeat the exact movement with your camera on Wiral LITE each time. The frame of the shot will remain the same each time, until you decide to change up the position of the line or the placement of your camera on Wiral LITE.

Access more filming places with a cable camera

Using a cable camera to create unique shots for your videos means much more than less hassle with authorities over filming permissions (although it is a benefit worth mentioning).

The compact size of the Wiral LITE setup combined with your camera means it can also access places you can’t film in with other filming equipment. This means more freedom to get creative and prioritize the story you want to tell. Knowing you’re not hindered by space limitations leaves you more time to come up with some unique locations to film in.



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